Weather Causes Damage To Alderney Breakwater

5th January 2018

The recent stormy weather has caused damage to the Alderney Breakwater.

Sections of the upper walkway, which can now be inspected as the ferocious waves have backed off slightly, have been damaged.


We are told nothing can be done in the immediate future, other than observe. However, the full on-site inspections will be completed as soon as it is safe to venture on to the breakwater, after the sea and weather conditions have improved. It is hoped that this will be possible next week.

After the inspections are completed, repair work will be commissioned as quickly as possible to protect the structure from further erosion and damage.


Image shows damage to wall

However, with more stormy weather expected there could be further damage.

At the present time and as far as can be seen, we are told the sea has dislodged sections of masonry on the top of the upper wall, both on the outside and inside faces.

Deputy Barry Brehaut says:

‘As the photographs taken this week so clearly illustrate, the battering that the breakwater receives is truly staggering and it is impressive how this remarkable 900 metre structure, which gives protection to Alderney’s commercial harbour and Braye Bay, continues to stand up to the elements more than 150 years after its construction to create an anchorage for the British fleet. 

The breakwater has been the responsibility of Guernsey States for some 30 years now, and I would like to record my thanks to the various Alderney residents who continue work closely with our staff providing information, photographs, and assistance all of which are particularly valuable under these conditions and for the longer term consideration of breakwater maintenance.’

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