Wildlife Suffer In Stormy Weather

3rd January 2018

Some of the Bailiwick’s wildlife is having a difficult start to the year.

The extreme weather conditions are life threatening to some animals, and the GSPCA are preparing to take in many more sick and injured creatures as the conditions continue.

The year’s first oiled bird has been rescued from Fort Grey, and the team are braced to see more throughout the winter months.

WEATHER WARNING - With extreme weather please watch for injured wildlife as first oiled bird of 2018 rescued

The high winds and stormy weather can also make it difficult for wild animals and birds to find food, water and shelter.

We are also being reminded to make sure our pets and animals who are kept outside are safe and secure.

The GSPCA is asking everyone to keep an eye our for injured animals, especially around the island’s coastline.

Seal pups often find themselves separated from their mothers during this time of year, which could be life threatening, especially when we see bad weather.

The organisation is also urging owners of outdoor animals to ensure they have the shelter they need, as there has been an increase in complaints and calls from concerned members of the public.

GSPCA Manager, Steve Byrne, says:

‘During wintry, stormy weather we often see oils being churned up from the sea bed, which causes sea birds and other animals great difficulties when they get coated. 

With the high winds and bad weather often animals find it difficult to forage and find food that they require. That means animals can’t feed properly and they deteriorate and during the next couple of weeks we’re expecting high numbers of sick and injured animals to be found. 

Trying to provide the wildlife with food and fresh water, and ensuring that you’re doing all you can, from providing things like hedgehog houses to some sort of shelter depending on the species you’ve got visiting your home. But if you do find anything, we are just at the end of the phone.’ 

The GSPCA has a number of web pages with wildlife advice.

If you find an animal that appears to be sick or injured, please call 01481 257261 for help.

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