WW2 Gun Emplacement To Be Uncovered

3rd January 2018

A German gun emplacement is due to be uncovered this year.

Festung Guernsey hopes to uncover the site, which is currently buried on L’Ancresse Common.

The emplacement has been in place since the Occupation, and is one of six flak gun emplacements in the area.


Image taken from Visit Guernsey website

Festung Guernsey hopes to eventually open the site to the public, so locals and visitors will be able to visit another part of the island’s history.

We are told the initiative has spoken to Environment Guernsey and anyone else who may be affected by the uncovering, such as golf clubs, about which emplacement would cause the least disruption to people who use the common regularly.

The chosen site is the farthest from the closest fairway.

We are told the work has been delayed, as the original plans to start work were set for the end of last year.

However, the initiative is hoping to start uncovering the emplacement in February.

Project Coordinator, Paul Bourgaize, says:

‘It’s a bit of an unknown quantity in that it’s completely buried in brambles and back fill. As a sort of average, it’s about 2 full days normally to excavate a bunker and secure it, and then a few weeks and weekends just tidying up I would have thought. 

We will fit interpretation boards inside. The interior is in quite good order from what we understand. It’s really just making it available for when we run tours in the area, and we have the adjacent command bunker for the site so that will tie in very nicely.’ 

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