Zef Eisenberg Breaks Speed World Record

14th May 2018

Guernseyman, Zef Eisenberg, has achieved a new speed record.

Over the weekend, Mr Eisenberg became the fastest person, on record, on Pendine sands by reaching 201.5mph on his MADMAX super charged Hayabusa.

We are told no car or bike has ever gone faster at Pendine Sands in Wales. It is also thought that ‘no other motorbike in history has ever gone faster on sand, anywhere’.

Mr Eisenberg says:

‘Saturday was a day of frustration with the 350hp motorbike fighting for traction and grip, coupled with wet sand, intense aqua planning and dangerous speed wobbles at 180mph plus. I started to think that the magic 200mph was not possible and just a fantasy.

The weather on Sunday, however, was looking good and the sand felt firmer than Saturday. I decided there was not time to lose and the best option was just to nail it, ignore the speed wobbles, rear wheel slip and hold on tight, before the sand dried out and lost grip.

The run felt fast, but I never thought it was beyond 200mph. Riding back to the finish line, they were waving frantically at me. I thought “Oh no, did I miss the finish line? Did I muck up? What did I do wrong?”. When they shook my hand and told me I’d set history I was shocked and amazed. Back at the start line it all began to sink in. It was history in the making, for over 100 years people have been trying to reach 200mph at Pendine sands, even the great gods of speed, Sir Malcolm Campbell and Parry Thomas – all have tried and failed… until today.’ 

In Septmeber 2016 Mr Eisenberg suffered a crash at 230mph in Yorkshire, and says the new record is the ‘icing on the cake’ following his recovery. We are told he is ‘back in the saddle’ and says he ‘could not feel happier’.

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