With radio advertising, you’re not limited to the size of a page or a TV screen – your radio commercial is limited only by the size of your imagination…

Local clients with a relatively small budget can sound as big as major brands with multi-million pound marketing budgets.

Creative Services

Creative and effective production is extremely important to your campaign. Our production studios are fully equipped with the latest computerised digital recording and editing technology.

A team of experienced writers and producers are ready to create any type of commercial to your specification.

Availability Levels

These are determined by demand on our airtime with a policy of a maximum 9 minutes of commercial messages in any hour.

Time of Broadcast

Commercials are broadcast in two time frames on even rotation.

Total Audience 0600-2400 and Prime Time 0600-1900.


Where possible all commercials will have category exclusivity during their scheduled commercial break.

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are available against contracted expenditures within a 12 month period.