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During these unprecedented and challenging times, it is paramount that our community comes together, to support each other.

Island FM is at the centre of the bailiwick's community and we want to encourage you to get involved. If you are a business that can help others, in whatever way you can, this is the forum for you.

Here are some people willing to help if you need it:

  • Ashley Carter

    Fitness sessions live at home 9am & 5pm
    For FREE. Keeping the community healthy and safe
    With A.C.Fitness.
    Contact: 07781 431385

  • Catherine Best Staff

    We are offering our services to collect groceries, prescriptions and dog walking to anyone that may need our help in St Martins.
    We are also here to professionally clean your jewellery.
    Contact: 01481 237771

  • Sonia Phillips

    Offering general help (in the afternoons)
    Contact: 07911 719338

  • Rory Stahelin

    Offering general help with anything - shopping, dog walking, gardening etc. Ideally early morning, evening and weekends as am working from home during the day.

    Contact: 07591 259945

  • Clara le Vallee - Manager, Guernsey Bereavement Service

    Guernsey Bereavement Service is striving to keep open during these difficult times.
    Please contact us if you would like information or support - call 257778 or email manager@gbs.org.gg and someone will get in touch.
    Guernsey Bereavement Service provides emotional support for any adult struggling to come to terms with a significant loss usually, but not always, a death. We give you the opportunity to talk through issues in a non-judgemental and safe atmosphere.
    Contact: 01481 257778

  • Karien Breedt

    I’m happy to help in anyway I can to those who are self isolating or the elderly that might feel exposed to go out in public. I’m in St Martin and will cover surrounding areas.

    Contact: 07772 480656

  • Nick and Nicky Wild

    Offering food shopping deliveries.
    Contact: 07781 132467

  • Helena Lavin

    Going to the shops for people and delivery in the St. Peter port area. Dog walking & help cooking meals for people for delivery etc.
    Contact: 07781162388

  • Olga Mitchell

    Offering to do shopping and deliveries, preparing meals in Vale and St Sampsons.

    Please text, WhatsApp or email at vienna19224@yahoo.co.uk
    Contact: 07781 141737

  • Isabella de Matos

    Offering a chat, dog walking and general help.
    Contact: 07839 716110

  • Amanda

    Offering to prepare meals, food shopping/delivering, dog walking, company, housework etc.
    Contact: 07781123856

  • Fiona McGinn

    I can dog walk, pick up groceries, prescriptions and other essential items for people who cannot leave their home. I can prepare some meals although don’t claim to be an amazing cook! I live in St Jacques in town so ideally it will be local help but am happy to go elsewhere if required.

    Contact: 07781 168182

  • Sarah Kirby

    Biology tutoring
    I am a bioscience student willing to lend a hand if anyone gets stuck on their GCSE/ A level biology work and could use some help over Skype.
    N.b I’m not a teacher, just enthusiastic about science! I studied BSc Zoology and am in the middle of an MSc
    Contact: text or email - sarahamykirby@hotmail.com / 07873 793220

  • Michelle Tulie

    Offering to do shopping and deliveries.
    Contact: 07781164164

  • Sarah & Gareth

    Collecting shopping, errands, deliveries
    Contact: 07781 176624

  • Josh Gabriel

    DIY, odd jobs, shopping

    Contact: 07781 106333

  • Abbie Green

    Offering help with dog walking, picking up groceries, posting letters or taking pets to the vets (anything that anyone that is self-isolating needs really). Happy to help!
    Contact: 007811 465511

  • Morgan Wilkins

    Offering a chat, dog walking, posting letters or whatever she can.
    Contact: 07781156636

If you are an business or community group that's going the extra mile to help others, fill in the form below so islanders can find support near them.

Preparing meals? Delivering food/shopping?

If you need assistance, please fill out the form below:


Let's come together as the Guernsey community to help everyone. 


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