New Environmental Award System For Local Businesses

9th September 2019

Environmentally-focused businesses could be in line for a new award thanks to the Committee for Environment and Infrastructure and the Environment and Social Impact Monitor.

The ESIM Environmental Operations Award will incorporate aspects of the Keep Guernsey Green Award standards which relate to effective waste and energy management.

We’re told the new award will replace the Keep Guernsey Green Award as it has greater focus locally and nationally on environmental issues.

Any business which already has a Keep Guernsey Green Award will be able to transfer over to the new standard during the remainder of their three-year period.

Deputy Lindsay De Sausmarez, Member of E&I, has released the following statement:

“Environmental sustainability is an increasingly important issue for organisations, reflecting the growing awareness of climate change and other environmental issues in the community as a whole. We are fortunate the KGGA has provided such solid foundations, and for that we have to thank Keith Tapscott, for the time, energy, expertise and commitment he has shown over the years.
The new award gives our business community the kind of accreditation they’ve been asking us for. It will provide a robust framework to look at a range of factors that affect their environmental footprint, including their energy use, waste management and travel policies, and consider the best ways of reducing and mitigating their environmental impact. The ESIM Environmental Operations Award will both support and recognise the great work going on in the business community to make Guernsey a more environmentally sustainable island.”

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