Guernsey Dairy promotes the island's farming industry

An online video and blog showcase the Guernsey cow, the island's farmers and the quality of local milk.

The Guernsey Dairy's promotion is called “Good for You. Good for Guernsey.”

Jon Taylor, who markets the Dairy for the States, says the campaign recognises the contribution farmers make:

"It's about the benefit of the dairy farming industry to the island and It's primarily about celebrating that community."

He says it's important to realise that just 11 farmers look after 1250 cattle and are custodians of something like half of the island's countryside:

"Guernsey is a tapestry of small fields and trying to manage herds around that is quite difficult. I think the 11 farmers who do that at the moment do an incredible job."

The Guernsey breed is celebrated for its beauty, yield and quality of its milk. Jon Taylor says the campaign highlights the drink's health benefits, in times when plant based products are popular: 

"Imports would kill our dairy industry. I think that we provide an amazing product for the cost of milk. I think it is an incredible product in terms of its natural qualities, its health benefits."

It is currently illegal for shops to ship in milk, meaning the Dairy runs a protected operation. Nevertheless, it loses money, £90,000 last year and a predicted £200,000 this year.

The wholesale price of milk, which is the price paid by retailers, has risen by 10% in the past six months.

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