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HSC announces measures for PEH and staff

Health and Social Care has introduced a range of plans aimed at increasing the resilience of the hospital and its staff should the threat level increase during the coronavirus outbreak.

Elective surgery at the PEH will be postponed for the week beginning 23rd March to allow HSC to train a range of staff to increase resilience in the provision of critical care.

Urgent elective care or emergency care will NOT be affected as a result of this decision.

Visitors to the PEH have been asked to limit visits to loved ones or friends who are patients there to just one person at a time as HSC looks to continue containing any spread of coronavirus.

In a statement to the States on Wednesday, HSC president Deputy Heidi Soulsby said where possible people should use technology such as Whatsapp or Facetime to stay in touch and anyone who is self-isolating must stay away.

Deputy Soulsby said that currently, normal service levels are being provided across HSC wherever possible and that the commitee is determined to remain proactive in response to this global crisis.

Steps being taken this week are: 

* Changes to the Gloucester Room Restaurant at the PEH. The facility will continue to provide hot and cold food options, but there will be restrictions introduced in the range of dishes available and a reduction in the usual on site seating.

The PEH are asking users of the restaurant to continue to ensure they have washed their hands in advance of their visit, use the onsite sanitizers provided, and ensure customers remain distanced from each other in queues for food and the tills.

Customers are also asked to note that food will be provided primarily for takeaway rather than eat in for the foreseeable future and only a handful of tables will be provided for those who have no option other than to eat at the Gloucester Room.

The tables are intended for individual use and will be placed to ensure adequate separation of diners.

Posters to explain the new arrangements have been produced and placed in the Gloucester Room to support the implementation of the changes. Food service for hospital in-patients will not be affected. Spare capacity generated by reducing the usual restaurant offering temporarily will be focused to manage the increasing demand being experienced by the meals on wheels service.

HSC recognise that the ability of families and friends visiting relatives and loved ones who are in-patients within HSC facilities is very important.

In the present situation, it would be appreciated if no more than one person visits any of our wards, and all visitors must ensure they wash their hands and use the sanitizers available at every ward entrance.

Visitors are also asked to use technology options wherever possible, such as Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp if possible for some of their contact with PEH patients and make sure they do not visit at all if they are otherwise required to selfisolate as a result of advice from Public Health – this really is incredibly important as people self-isolating must remain at home.

* Likewise, the public/service users are asked not to attend any scheduled appointment they may have across HSC if Public Health advice requires them to self isolate and specifically if they have any flu-like symptoms. Please call the service in question for advice on rescheduling if this is necessary.

* Elective surgery for the week beginning 23rd March has been postponed to allow HSC to train a range of staff to increase resilience in the provision of critical care. A further decision will be made after this week in terms of scheduling future electives. Islanders requiring urgent elective care or emergency care will not be affected as a result of this decision.


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