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Jersey's States Calls For An End To Fighting In Gaza

Jersey's States Assembly has unanimously voted to call for an 'immediate suspension of hostilities' in Gaza.

The proposition was brought to the Assembly by Deputy Montfort Tadier, who wanted the island's parliament to take a stance on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

However, the wording that was unanimously agreed by politicians on Tuesday (27 February) had been heavily amended by the External Relations Minister Deputy Ian Gorst.

Changes included removing reference to 'genocide'.

The agreed proposal, as amended:

"THE STATES are asked to decide whether they are of opinion −

(a) to express their profound sadness and dismay at the extent of loss of civilian lives in Gaza and Israel and to condemn the taking of hostages and all acts of aggression which violate international law and result in death and harm to civilians, especially women and children;

(b) that an immediate suspension of hostilities should be established to enable the unconditional release of hostages and those held under unlawful detention, the urgent provision of humanitarian assistance, and a permanent ceasefire;

(c) that international law should be adhered to in order to prevent death and harm to civilians and damage to civilian infrastructure on a mass scale;

(d) that the independence and work of the International Court of Justice, including in relation to the conflict in Gaza should be respected having regard to the court’s interim ruling;

(e) that a diplomatic resolution to the conflict is vital, in order to secure stability and a lasting peace in the region, based on a solution which provides justice, freedom from occupation, and security for both Israelis and Palestinians;


(f) to request that the Government of Jersey express the view of the Assembly on this matter to the UK Government."

Deputy Gorst had attempted to also change the final part of the proposition - replacing it with 'to request that the Government of Jersey updates the Assembly over the steps taken by Ministers to raise this matter with the UK Government'.

However, this was rejected by 30-15, meaning Deputy Tadier's initial wording was adopted.

During the debate, Deputy Inna Gardiner shared her own experience in Jerusalem and how she believes Hamas will never honour a ceasefire.

”Hamas very clearly stated in their charter their vision that Israel does not have a right to exist.  Hamas has a well-documented history of violating ceasefire in past conflict - in 2008, 2014, 2021 and again in 2023.”

 The Constable of St Martin, Karen Shenton-Stone became upset whilst sharing her views on the proposition and reflecting on the suffering of Palestinian people in Gaza.

"I cannot condone the level of devastation and destruction that has taken place, the sheer loss of life or the starvation they have been forced to endure.  I cannot see any alternative to voting for this proposition."

"We, as an Assembly can stand up today and speak with the clarity that the United Kingdom should have spoken. We have a chance to add our voice to those in the international community seeking a ceasefire, so let us take it."


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