Lieutenant-Governor: 2022 Is An 'Opportunity To Make Life In Jersey Better For Everyone'

Jersey's Lieutenant-Governor, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton

Jersey's Lieutenant-Governor has used his Christmas Message to heap praise on the island's medics, vaccinators and swabbers for their work on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout this year.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton says he hopes the new year will bring an opportunity for us to work together to ensure life in Jersey gets better for everyone.

His Excellency also called on islanders to embrace Jersey's mission to cut carbon emissions and look after our environment and thanked the hard work of charities that have done so much this year to help islanders in need.

You can read the Lieutenant-Governor's full message to islanders below:

"Christmas is an opportunity for us to reflect with family and friends on the year that has passed and to look forward to renewing our potential to improve life in and for our community in the months ahead. As I reflect on the key events in the last 12 months, I immediately think of the magnificent work of our medical services and so many of Jersey’s multi-cultural volunteers who have responded so wonderfully and effectively to deliver the COVID immunisation programme. Whilst, the pandemic still poses a significant threat to us all, there can be no doubt that the rapid roll out of the inoculation process has provided significant protection to the Island’s population. We should be very grateful to both the scientists who developed the vaccine and the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and the medical practitioners who came out of retirement, for delivering the significant and continuing programme of immunisation. We are fortunate that many British scientists and immunologists had been working on the production of just such a vaccine for a considerable time. This reminds us that, just as with Cancer research and treatment, investment in broader scientific research and the development of counters to, as yet, unidentified viral threats is essential, even when there is no obvious and immediate need. This pandemic has led to the deaths of a number of islanders and their passing is something for us all to regret. However, let us look forward to a new year, to an opportunity to work collectively to ensure that life for everybody in Jersey gets better."

202,739 vaccinations have been given in Jersey to date

"A new year, like the birth of a new baby, reminds all of us of the wonder of life and of the need to do what we can to assure our planet’s future as a home for human beings and all the others species of animals and plant life. Jersey has made a genuine start to become Carbon-neutral by 2050. Globally, there is much to be done to secure the protection of our environment, including harnessing the planet’s natural capability to capture carbon emissions. In this regard, action to plant more trees is potentially a very important initiative as is the protection of the marine environment with its ability to ‘soak up’ excess carbon from our atmosphere. In Jersey, we are going to plant new trees to contribute to Her Majesty The Queen’s Commonwealth Green Canopy programme initiated by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. In addition, there is the potential for each Parish to plant its own 70 trees to mark this historic anniversary and make its own contribution to the Island’s ‘Green’ agenda. Equally, the proposal to define and protect our coastal environment can only help and preserve a healthy atmosphere for our children and grandchildren’s future."

A green canopy is planned for the headland at Bouley Bay as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations

"We are very fortunate to live in Jersey and in looking forward, Islanders will, in May next year, once again have the opportunity to mark, celebrate and reflect on what has been achieved collectively since Liberation in 1945 and to look forward to what needs to be done to ensure continued freedoms and improvement for every Islander. Throughout the Pandemic, you showed that you have that same strong sense of resilience, of determination and of care for your fellow islanders. In the more than 76 years since Liberation, Jersey has come a long way and the people, you, have continued to give, to volunteer and to look to help those less fortunate than yourselves. This continues to be true today and I am constantly impressed by the willingness of Islanders to seek new ways of raising much-needed funds for charity and to get involved in helping those who fall on hard times to help them rise up again and get back on their feet, just as the staff at Silkworth Lodge do. I am always delighted to see when charities find innovative ways of cooperating and sharing facilities so that more of the funds raised for the important causes can be spent helping those in need. As an example, it was really heartening to see the opening of Pip’s Place a few weeks ago; here, Jersey Child Care Trust, MIND(Jersey) and Family Nursing and Home Care have cooperated and have come together with the support of the Philip Gower Charitable Foundation to share training, support and other functions within the same building.

"Such cooperation is a bright shining light for potential future effective working between and with independent charities.

"I would like to thank all of you, particularly the medical and mental health professionals, who have given so much this year to help others, whether they be here in Jersey or elsewhere in the world. We have the ability, the ingenuity, the determination and the power to improve life for our successors and to start the next year forgiving those with whom we have disagreed, rekindling the wonder of life that comes with new birth and committing ourselves to work with each other to continue to make Jersey a green, beautiful, friendly and supportive place to live; together so much good can be initiated and achieved in 2022!

"I hope you all have A Very Happy Christmas time and I send you my very best wishes for a peaceful, rewarding and enjoyable 2022."

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