Moore Becomes First Female CM

Deputy Kristina Moore has been appointed as Jersey's first female Chief Minister.

39 States members voted for her, with 10 voting for her only challenger Deputy Sam Mézec.

She will formally take up the role next week, when the Council of Ministers has been elected.

The Chief Minister-designate thanked the States Assembly and islanders after her victory was announced.

"I also thank Deputy Mezec for expressing his views and putting forward a strong argument to the Assembly.

I look forward to working with Reform (Jersey) and with each and every other member of the Assembly and uniting our community.

It's time to get Jersey back on track."

Deputy Mezec, the leader of Reform Jersey, set out the party's vision for a 'New Deal for Jersey', with a commitment to principles of 'social and economic justice.'

He vowed to declare a housing crisis immediately if elected and act immediately to resolve it.

Despite this, the Assembly was heavily in support of Deputy Moore.

Only members of Reform Jersey voted for Senator Mezec. The rest of the Chamber voted for his opponent.

Deputy Moore was elected as a Deputy in St Mary, St Ouen, and St Peter with 2,730 votes.

She has been a States member since 2011 when she was elected as Deputy of St Peter.

She became a Senator in 2018 and has previously served as Home Affairs Minister.

Deputy Moore outlined her plan to run for Chief Minister in May, if elected.

She vowed to 'address the big issues.'

"... the increasing cost of living, delivering more affordable housing, improving our services, whilst restraining public spending, building our hospital, supporting business and protecting our natural environment."

In her vision statement, Deputy Moore set out a plan for the first 100 days.

She has vowed to:

  • Address the cost of living crisis by proposing a mini-budget that brings forward a suite of measures to deliver targeted support to islanders ahead of winter.
  • Undertake a project to set out how islanders can better engage with government, what information is available, and how we can improve.
  • Ask the Children's Minister to bring forward proposals to involve young people in forming policy and decision-making.
  • Establish the Older Persons Living Forum to hear first-hand the issues facing pensioners and older people in Jersey
  • Lift the minimum wage to £10 an hour.
  • Introduce an appeals process for small businesses facing outstanding repayment requests under the co-funded payroll scheme.
  • Create a Cabinet Office to coordinate the work of government and strengthen collective decision-making.
  • Introduce limits on the number of houses that can be built over 3000 sq ft for a period of time in order to focus on tackling the housing crisis.
  • Appoint an Assistant Minister and task them with conducting an evidence-based review to respond within 100 days and advise the Assembly whether changes can be made to the hospital project to deliver 'a more affordable and appropriate alternative.' They will have to report back to the States Assembly by 20 October 2022.
  • Establish a public service ombudsperson
  • Introduce legislation and funding to ensure that school children have access to one meal a day in school.
  • Bring forward propositions to create prefabricated homes to help address the island housing crisis.
  • Create a People & Skills Commission which will monitor the population, availability of accommodation, skills gaps and employment opportunities.
  • Reorganise government departments to provide for direct accountability of ministers
  • Introduce a proposition to deliver free sanitary products.
  • All Ministers will finalise their plans for the coming year and present their plan to the States Assembly.
  • Open constituency offices
  • Put in place a plan to open a Cultural Centre, celebrating our cultural identities and bringing islanders together.

Despite polling high in the 2018 election too, Deputy Moore wasn't chosen to be a part of John Le Fondre's last Council of Ministers.

The former TV presenter was a big part of Scrutiny over the last four years. She chaired the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel and was the president of the Scrutiny Liaison Committee.

Kristina Moore during her time with Channel News.

Deputy Moore was a fierce critic of the previous Chief Minister. She was the politician who called a vote of no confidence in John Le Fondre's leadership in late 2020 following the saga involving States CEO Charlie Parker's second job.

The former Minister called the previous government 'weak and visionless' and at one point, expressed ‘collective frustration’ at what she called Mr. Le Fondre's ‘mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic.’

She has now taken his place and will put forward the politicians she wants to be her Council of Ministers.

The States Assembly will sit again next week for that. Other politicians who aren't suggested by Deputy Moore can challenge for a Ministerial position.

States members past and present were quick to take to social media to congratulate Jersey's new political leader, including the man she will replace.

The government's Chief Executive, Suzanne Wylie, has written a letter of congratulation to the Chief Minister-designate.

"The public service is ready to serve your forthcoming administration and, following their election next week, support Ministers in delivering your ambitions for the Island. 

I look forward to getting to work with you and your Council of Ministers."

More About Moore

The new Chief Minister has set out her political vision, but we wanted to know a bit more about the person behind the politician.

We asked Deputy Moore:

Q: What place do you love going to in Jersey more than any other?

A: A walk along the beach at St Ouen's is always amazing, whatever the weather

Q: What is your favourite thing to do in Jersey?

A: Cycling along the lanes

Q:: Your favourite food?

A: Strawberries  

Q: Your favourite song?

A: Louis Armstrong A wonderful world 

Q: What do you do to relax?

A: Walk or bicycle whilst listening to audio books (I only use one AirPod)  

Q: If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be?

A: Other than my husband and our two boys, Emeline Pankhurst, Malala and Nelson Mandela. 

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