New Community Safety Initiative To Tackle Crime

A new community effort to tackle crime in Jersey has been launched.

The partnership is called 'Building A Safer Community' (BASC) and will be co-ordinated with a range of stakeholders across the island. 

Its aim is twofold: firstly, for those involved to share their knowledge to get ahead of community safety issues and potentially prevent crimes. 

Those working with BASC will also respond to crime when it does happen and work together to best support victims. 

Here's a breakdown of the partnership's plans regarding preventing crime: 

  • Universal prevention: programs will work together to ensure children's social and emotional needs are met during their development years to lessen the chances of future criminality
  • Targeted intervention: support will be provided when specific risks are identified but before they manifest as criminality
  • Community development: individuals and communities will be empowered and brought together to become more resilient in terms of crime

Here's a breakdown of the partnership's plans regarding responding to crime:

  • Enforcement: bringing offenders to justice to reduce crime and prevent further harm caused to victims
  • Justice: charge offenders and support victims and witnesses
  • Rehabilitation: focus on post-sentence interventions for offenders and help them reintegrate back into society

Minister for Justice and Home Affairs Deputy Mary Le Hegarat said:

"None of us can do this on our own and we want to be not just reactive to something, we want to be preventative. 

As an island, there will always be things happening in the community that we need to deal with, whether this is young offending, violence against women and girls, youth offending, drink driving. 

Different people have different things that concern them on a day-to-day basis, if someone does have a concern we can look at how to alleviate that."



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