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Post-Brexit Immigration System Revealed

The government has unveiled a new Border and Immigration System for EU nationals wanting to live and work in Jersey when the UK leaves the European Union at the end of this year.

Currently EU nationals don't need permission to work, study and live in Jersey and can travel freely through the border with a valid ID. However from January all non-British or Irish people will need a visa.

One is a skilled worker permission - which will last for three years initially and can lead to settling in the island. They can bring their partner and children with them.

Exceptions will be offered if there is an island shortage in a position or a person brings 'significant benefit to the island'. That will also last for three years and can lead to settling in the island.

Skilled workers must be granted a visa before arriving in Jersey, have a job offer from a Jersey employer, meet the job requirements and have level B1 or equivalent in English. They can switch employment in Jersey subject to receiving a new work permit.

Employers must pay skilled workers at least £30,000 a year or the going rate, whichever is higher.

A nine-month temporary worker visa will also be available, but workers who stay for that length of time have to then leave again for at least three months before being allowed back. They won't be able to settle and can't bring parents and children with them. That's open to the agriculture and hospitality sector.

They can also apply for work as crew on fishing vessels for up to six months.

These workers must be granted a visa before arriving in Jersey, have a Jersey job offer and have the relevant skills and experience for the job.

The salary must be at least the minimum wage or the going rate, whichever is higher.

There'll be no limit on how many people can come to the island to work, but employers will need a valid licence first.

As Jersey is a member of the Common Travel Area, the island is obliged to align its immigration controls to that of the UK.

EU residents already living in Jersey can apply for permissions via the EU Settlement Scheme.

The use of national identity cards will be phased out from October 2021. Those granted pre-settled or settled status can still use their ID cards until at least 31 December 2025.

People from the EU can visit Jersey without a visa for up to six months. They can enter Jersey by getting immigration permission at the border.

A two-year visa will be issued to successful applicants under the Youth Mobility Scheme, which allows 18-30 year olds to visit and work in the UK and Jersey.

"The maintenance of a strict work permit policy will maintain and strengthen Jersey’s position within the Common Travel Area (CTA), allowing the continued free movement of persons within the CTA, whilst remaining a robust external border." - Government of Jersey.

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