Skate Park Build Due To Start Next Week

Work to build the Les Quennevais skate park is due to officially start next week - as long as the contractors are appointed.

The tender process to appoint contractors went live in late November, following the decision to grant planning permission.

Applications closed on 7 January.

A government spokesperson says the aim is to appoint the successful company 'by the end of the month.'

The government is due to host a media event next week to officially mark the start of work.

Preparatory work has started to clear the site so building work can start 'as soon as possible.'

The open-air park will be based in the northwest corner of the playing fields.

There will be spectator areas, bicycle parking, water fountains, litter bins, 24-hour CCTV, and floodlights.

A plan was put together to reduce the impact of the park on protected species and habitats, with work taking place in phases.

Invasive species have already been removed.

In February, native shrubs will be planted along the edges of the woodland, and bird, bat, and squirrel boxes will be erected.

There will also be work to reduce the impact of construction.

Longer-term plans include:

  • Planting a wildflower seed mix along the edges of the skate park.
  • Using cut-down trees within the western woodland for log and brash piles.
  • Planted 100m of Scot's pine trees along the eastern bank of the park.
  • A 4m high metal fence on top of the 2m bank to reduce the impacts to bats.
  • Two of the entrances to the sites of special interest along the northern boundary of Les Quennevais will be blocked to reduce footfall in those areas.
  • 10m of chestnut pale fencing will be installed at the other open entrances to contain footfall. Signs will be erected to encourage people to stick to the main paths.
  • A Ranger will be employed to monitor the area and control any activity that could damage or disturb protected species and habitats.

"The Government has done extensive work to identify the impacts that the works could cause and in response has drafted a Species Protection and Enhancement Plan for the Proposed Quennevais Skatepark aiming to mitigate the impacts.

In addition to that, we are committed to the environment and understand the value of it."

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