The Capybara Is Out The Bag...!

Jersey Zoo has let the Capybara out of the bag, revealing its latest residents!

A teaser appeared on the zoo's social media pages on Thursday, asking islanders to guess what its most recent arrivals are:

Durrell has now announced that its newest additions are two of South American's largest semi-aquatic rodents.

Sisters Maple and Olive have come from ZooParc de Beauval in France.

They have been at the Trinity park since July, and are now settled in their custom-built enclosure.


They will be sharing the lake with the Chilean flamingos and red-breasted geese.

"Capybaras are native to South America and are the biggest rodent on Earth.

Their large teeth, which can measure up to 8cm long, never stop growing and get worn down by their regular grazing on grass and water plants.

They prefer to live near water and marshes and have partially webbed feet to help them swim. As lovers of water, despite needing air to breathe, capybaras can also nap whilst submerged.

Sadly, their home in South America is under threat, due to habitat destruction, waste pollution, climate change." - Jersey Zoo.

The zoo has had capybaras before.  Founder Gerald Durrell brought them to Jersey in the 1980s.

Visitors will likely spot Maple and Olive swimming in the lake or sleeping in their cabin opposite the Manor House.

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