Women recalled for breast cancer screening amid misdiagnosis concerns

20 women have been recalled for repeat breast cancer screening followed a review of mammograms amid concerns some patients have been misdiagnosed.

The Health department has confirmed a 'small number of patients' have been invited for further tests following a review of the Mammography department by the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and the British Society of Breat Radiologists (BSBR).

The Jersey Evening Post revealed that more than 2,700 scans had been re-examined after problems came to light with the work of a single radiologist.

The Health department says the BSBR review identified a small number of possible 'false negative' findings from mammogram and ultrasound tests.

The BSBR concluded there was no need for a general recall of patients, because all of those concerned were due to have repeat scans soon anyway.

But Health and Community Services has looked at 2,798 tests taken by the radiologist in question, dating back to 2019 when they started work.

It says it has acted 'out of an abundance of caution' and 'with patient safety as its number one priority'.

From that review, HCS has written to 20 women, inviting them for repeat screening and a further 14 women it believes might have had their diagnosis delayed.

HCS says the radiologist concerned is no longer doing mammograms and ultrasounds and is on restricted duties.

The department is stressing the women who have been recalled are being tested again as a precaution and not because an abnormality has definitely been missed.

Anyone affected has already been written to.

"We have now contacted ALL the patients we wish to see again and ALL the patients who have had a delayed diagnosis.  Those who need further tests are being invited to attend special clinics, at their convenience, in the next few days."

The department highlights the NHS website, which states that 'screening tests are not 100% accurate and in any screening programme there may be some false positive results and some false negative results'.

Simon West, Deputy Medical Director, has apologised to all those patients who have been recalled or who have had a delayed diagnosis:

"I am very sorry that this case may cause some anxiety but it indicates that our Freedom to Speak Up policy is working well and we commend the member of staff who raised this internally.

"When somebody raises questions about the practice of a colleague it is vitally important these matters are taken seriously by HCS, fully considered, and throroughly investigated."

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