Worries About 'Static' Police Budget

The Police Authority worries about the force's 'reasonably static' budget as the Policing Plan 2024-2027 is published.

The plan prioritises five different areas including providing 'value for money'.

Jersey's government has provided the force with £27.3 million for 2024, and by similar amounts for the following three years.

Police budget from 2024 to 2027.

Simon Harman, Chair of the Jersey Police Authority, says the events of the past 12 to 24 months have been very high-demand and expensive.

"It's not like running a company where you have say 200 to 300 employees doing largely the same thing year to year.  The demands on the police force are dynamic. They're constantly changing.

All the service can do is plan for the future, and hope that there's enough money in the pot."

He says if the funding is not sufficient, the Authority will be approaching the government for a review.

The Policing Plan for 2024-27 aims to prioritise safety in Jersey through community policing, using cutting-edge technology and creating an environment where people feel secure and protected.

Police will embrace new techniques to address 'dynamic changes' islanders will face. This includes identifying and reducing or solving issues before they become problems, and linking mental health and social services into response strategies.

The force also wants to build public confidence through implementing more body-worn cameras, introducing cultural sensitivity training and enhancing community engagement.

Simon Harman says they do not want the public to only see the force as a police car on a Friday night.

"It's actually about being engaged with that community and that the community feels part of what the police service is delivering."

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