Bomb Expert Speaks At 32nd Ukraine Day

On 24 August 1991, Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union, but sadly, 24 August 2023 marks the 18-month anniversary of the Russian invasion.

Jersey is honouring Ukraine Day with a special guest panel for islanders to speak to inspirational people sharing their stories.

It is being held at Jersey Museum at 5 p.m., and islanders will be learning about the impacts of war on communities and discussing how our funding and friendship are helping overseas.

The panel is in connection with Jersey Overseas Aid and has sold out online.

A bomb disposal expert who teaches others how to disarm them, Uliana Yurkenko, and Guernsey's Ben Remfrey from Friends of Ukraine-EOD are speaking.

Uliana says it is painful to say that people are now living 'normal' lives surrounded by war.

"When you've been in [war] for a year and a half your psychological state cannot keep you alert for that many months straight so I'd say that unfortunately, we're growing a bit accustomed to all the air raid alams."

She goes on to tell Channel 103 that the most challenging part of the war is the separation families are feeling from one another.

"Because of the war, I unfortunately have to stay away from my partner most of the time because of my job and because of his job, as well, in trying to clear the territories of Ukraine."

"I think every Ukrainian right now is striving to just remember what normality is, and seek that normality even without having access to that full freedom that we had before the invasion."

Jersey Overseas Aid donated to Ben and Uliana's team earlier in the year, which helped them train more nationals.

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