World's Largest Wooden Ship Arrives In Jersey

The Götheborg of Sweden was welcomed to the island by a canon salute from Elizabeth Castle.

The replica ship is celebrating its 400-year jubilee with a European tour, and Jersey is one of the last stops on the list.

The original Götheborg of Sweden was used in trade and dealt with goods like porcelain, spices and tea.

She was part of the Swedish East India Trading Company and made three trips to China, but unfortunately sank in 1745 just before reaching the port in Sweden on her way back.

Crewmen were seen waving to the harbour, and fellow sailors, as she sailed into St Helier harbour. 

They were also seen scaling the masts to check the sails before docking at the Albert Pier.  

Although the vessel is a replica, it has elements from the original ship hidden within to carry its history.

Götheborg's sails are made in the traditional way using handsewn linen. They are fixed by hand on the boat so each sail has a backup, just in case.

Captain Tôt En Hildemar says when they climb up to the sails, it is the same as how the crew from the 1700s did, but with a little more safety.

"The thing that is so special about this ship is the sail because we have modern things like engines, but the sail is the same as it was in the 1700s."

"So when we are shutting down the engine and hoisting the sails, we do it the same as they did in the 1700s."

The flag seen at the rear of the boat on the sun deck is the only traditional Swedish sailing flag of its kind, with the King of Sweden giving the ship special permission to use it.

Another unique aspect of the boat is its bell - in Swedish tradition it is unlucky to polish it.

It is sounded every half an hour eight times, telling the 80 crew when their shifts have finished, so they can have a break, or when they start.

The ship will be at Albert Pier for the 2023 Barclays Boat Show until setting sail again for her next stop, Rotterdam.

Some of the crew members told Channel 103 they are excited to explore the island while they are here and want to come back when the weather is a little more forgiving.

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