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COVID 19: Revised Guidance On Home Deliveries

The Civil Contingencies Authority clarifies the new restrictions.

The Bailiwick’s public health objective has not changed: to minimise contacts between households as far as possible so that we can reduce the rate of transmission of the virus and the number of COVID-19 cases, ensuring that our health care system is not overwhelmed. The core instruction to our community has not changed – “STAY AT HOME”: you should not leave your home except to exercise, to buy necessary food and supplies, for medical appointments or to work – where that work is essential.

In order to support the “STAY AT HOME” strategy, home deliveries of goods will now be permitted as long as (a) ordering is online or over the telephone, and (b) delivery complies with strict rules set out below.

 On 24 March 2020 the States of Guernsey set out new measures to ensure that transmission of the Covid-19 virus was restricted as far as possible. This was for an initial period of two weeks, and has commonly been referred to as a ‘lockdown’.

 The Committee for Health & Social Care approved a Direction on 29 March 2020, made under its emergency powers, which included provisions relating to essential services and essential workers. The States of Guernsey issued guidance on the same day to explain the impact of the Direction to the community and to employers. The Direction is due to expire at midnight on 7 April 2020.

 On 7 April 2020 the States of Guernsey extended the period of ‘lockdown’ for a further two weeks. The Committee for Health & Social Care has approved a further Direction which will remain in force until 23.59 on April 18 2020.

 The public health strategy remains unchanged – to significantly reduce social contact in the community, and ensure that individuals and families stay at home unless in essential cases and exceptional circumstances.

 The public health advice is that the ‘stay at home’ objective can continue to be supported by revising the guidance to enable a greater range of home deliveries to individuals and families.

 Such a specific revision will also support mental health and well-being in the community, through enabling access to goods that will help maintain quality of life during this challenging period.

 It will also assist a number of businesses in the Bailiwick during this challenging period.

Extended scope for home deliveries:

From 8 April 2020 businesses will be able to deliver goods to families and individuals in the Bailiwick. This is in addition to food and drink deliveries, which continue to be permitted. Please note, however, that take-away deliveries are still not permitted.

The following rules apply to the delivery of all goods:

 The goods can only be sold/bought online and/or over the telephone. Other than essential retail outlets, shops are not to open to in-person callers, and only one or two people may work on the premises to take and fulfill orders. Social distancing and hygiene guidelines must be in place.

 Businesses may use couriers to deliver items – couriers are designated as essential service providers. Couriers must follow the delivery rules set out below.

 If a business has its own delivery facility, this may be used as long as it follows the delivery rules set out below.

 Delivery rules:
1. Goods must be packed for delivery by no more than two people in line with social distancing and hygiene guidelines, including the wearing of gloves;
2. The deliveries must take place as part of a planned itinerary, and goods must not be sold by delivery drivers to other parties;
3. The deliveries must be undertaken by no more than one individual wearing gloves;
4. A 70% alcohol hand gel should be rubbed on the gloves between deliveries; and
5. The goods must be left on the doorstep of premises or in an agreed outside place – there must be no direct customer interaction.


 There is no obligation for retail outlets to offer a home delivery service. Outlets can only offer this service if they meet the rules and criteria set out above, and ensure the health and well-being of employees and customers.

 The delivery rules set out above will be enforced.

 The decision to allow non-essential retail businesses to carry out home deliveries is first and foremost to assist the community in staying at home, by giving them access to a wider range of goods and equipment, supporting mental health and wellbeing and facilitating home-working, and particular consideration has been given to the challenges for households in light of the ‘lock down’ being extended. If it is felt that businesses are
intentionally disregarding the ‘spirit’ of this guidance, it will be reviewed further.

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