Disposable vapes are to be banned in Guernsey

Guernsey States members voted unanimously to outlaw disposable vapes and ban under-18s from buying any vape.

Health and Social Care sought to regulate the importation, advertisement, sale, supply and consumption of vapes.

The committee's policy letter referred to the 2022 Guernsey Young People’s Survey that found 38% of secondary age students had tried vaping.

During yesterday's debate (22 May), Deputy Andy Cameron questioned the availability of sweet flavour vapes.

"Flavours like cotton candy and bubblegum are deigned to be attractive to our children, making it vital to restrict their access to these products.

Interestingly, China, where the majority of these vapes are produced, only allow two flavours - tobacco and menthol tobacco.

There is an expectation that the youth of today will look after us in the years to come.

How can we expect them to look after us when we have failed to protect them from such an early age."

Deputy Aidan Matthews compared vaping to smoking.

"Historically, it was of course enormously unfortunate that people took up smoking in ignorance of the harmful effects, but I would challenge that it is impossible for anyone to do so today.

I would suggest that not a single person who takes up smoking now, does so unaware of the harm it can cause."

Deputies also agreed to make smoke in vehicles carrying children a criminal offence - almost a decade behind England. The law still needs to be written, and to be approved by the States.

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