Coronavirus: Seven Deaths In Care Homes

11 people have died in hospital, seven people have died across five care homes and one person has died at home because of coronavirus, Jersey's government has confirmed.

It follows repeated requests for this information over a number of weeks.

Of the 11 to pass away in hospital, 9 were in the General Hospital and 2 w ere in St Saviour's Hospital.

Following laboratory testing, it's been confirmed that 10 people died because of coronavirus and 9 have been described as 'presumptive Coronavirus deaths'. That means there is no definite laboratory result, but the cause of death is certified as 'probable' based on the person's clinical history, examination and investigation.

Everyone who has died has been 60 or older:

* 60 - 69: 11%

* 70 - 79: 37%

* 80 - 89: 32%

* 90+: 21%

7 of those who died were female and 12 were male.

From this Thursday (30 April) the government will publish these weekly statistics on the week ending the previous Sunday:

* The number of deaths registered in the last seven days

* Percentage of total deaths in the last seven deaths registered as Covid-19.

* Total deaths in the last seven days for the same period in 2018 and 2019.

* Total deaths registered in the last 28 days.

* Percentage of deaths in the last 28 days because of Covid-19.

* Total deaths registered in the last 28 days for the same period in 2018 and 2019.

* Total number of deaths in the year to date for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

"I know Islanders want to be provided with as much detail as possible, to understand the impact of COVID-19 on Jersey.

"I have said repeatedly that we want to balance providing this information with the right to privacy of the families of the deceased, allowing them to
grieve in peace.

"I hope that while this information will be of use to local media and our community, we will continue to show respect to those who sadly died, and their families who are mourning in very challenging circumstances." -  Senator John Le Fondre, Chief Minister.

283 people have now been diagnosed with Covid-19 in Jersey. 2,249 results have come back negative.

181 islanders have fully recovered.

12 patients are currently being treated for coronavirus in hospital. 120 beds are available at the General Hospital, giving an occupancy rate of 39%.

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