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Police warning as more people in Jersey lose savings to scammers

Jersey Police are warning islanders of the scams sweeping the island and costing people tens of thousands in life savings.

Already this year, imposters posing as bank representatives have defrauded dozens of victims in Jersey, who have each lost more than £10,000. 

One islander in their 80s was duped out of around £100,000 after a fraudster gained access to their account. 

In response to these recent losses, the Jersey Police are 'intensifying their efforts' to protect the community against substantial financial losses, which the force says are causing significant distress to the victims.

Chief Inspector Chris Beechey says whilst the force is doing its part, people in Jersey need to be vigilant:

"Unfortunately we need to be suspicious. We need to take the time to process what we're being asked to do.  We have to talk to our friends and families and our relatives say, 'I've had this really strange call the other night, what do you think about it?'

"If we have acted in the right way, we've terminated the call and we've not clicked the link, that's the key. If you don't do anything they can't scam you. 

"We hear about bank scams all the time, and the accents of those at the other end of the telephone line are changing. People are now reporting that these are UK/local accents, which is more likely to draw people into the scam."

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Chief Inspector Beechey wants islanders to avoid getting drawn in by scammers: 

"You've got to be vigilant. Think - why would a bank ask you for your own personal information? They already have that information.

"There is no reason for them to do so, so the minute the person at the end of the telephone line or the computer asks you for something that they should have, that's an immediate red flag. 

"What they often do is to try and create some urgency around that and suggest your account has been hacked and you need to do something right now to protect. But that organisation already has your information and can protect your account, they don't need to ask your permission.

"The only reason this scam works is because the person at the other end of the line gets you to do something. If you don't do anything - they can't scam you."

How to protect yourself and loved ones – Shield your Wealth: Stay Alert, Scams Avert!

Never Share Sensitive Information:

· Do not disclose online banking passwords, one-time security codes, PINs, or tokens to anyone over the phone.

Verify Independently:

· If you're uncertain about the legitimacy of a call regarding your bank account, end the call immediately.

· Then, contact your bank or financial institution directly using the official number from your banking app or the back of your bank card.

Stay Alert:

· Your bank will never request personal security details, such as passwords and codes.

· If you receive a suspicious call, hang up at once.

· Do not respond to, or click on, links in text messages purporting to be from your bank.

Community Vigilance:

· Check on friends and family, especially those who are more susceptible to such scams, to ensure they are aware of these fraudulent schemes and know how to protect themselves.

For more information on how to prevent financial fraud or to report a scam see States of Jersey Police - How to Spot a Scam or visit www.fraudprevention.je

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